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Anonymous said: So, I wanna learn how to animate and I saw that gif you made and was really inspired... Any chance you can give some advice? What types of classes I should take or programs to use?

I’m glad you were inspired! I’m actually not very knowledgeable with animation though. I’ve taken no classes, so I can give you little advice there except to keep an eye out for either animation classes or a media arts, something where you can learn the programs required for the animation you want to do.

For that specific animation I use photoshop. We learned in class about how to make frames, and then saved it as a web file. Previously, I have used a program called TV Paint which is strictly animation. It’s much harder than photoshop though, because its pretty intense (i had no clue what half the buttons did).

As for advice….don’t get burned out on one project. Its hard to get the action you want and it won’t be perfect or anything close to it for a while. It takes a very long time to do a long animation. Those 80 frames was four hours of non stop work. My eyes were blood red afterwards.

Sorry I can’t be much help to you. Its tons of fun though, definitely give it a try!

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